What press attention drives book sales?
What should I say at this event?
When should I announce my next project?
Should I attend Comic‐Con this year?
Is all publicity really good publicity?

As a veteran of both the comic book industry and traditional publishing, David Hyde has been answering these and other questions for over a decade and a half. He's created high­-profile multi-­media campaigns on behalf of award­-winning writers and acclaimed artists, entertainment executives, and some of the most recognizable characters and brands in pop culture. Superfan Promotions specializes in executing campaigns for literary fiction and non-­fiction, comic books, graphic novels, and genre storytelling across all media.

Superfan Promotions provides scalable promotional models to fit the different needs of clients and their projects. Services are customizable and can be provided a la carte. The most fulfilling (and often the most successful) campaigns to are genuine partnerships: collaborative and often unconventional in nature. Superfan Promotions relishes finding new and creative ways to make news, so that the campaign itself often becomes part of the message. 

Campaigns range in length and scope from weekly, monthly to ongoing engagements.