"David Hyde was and always will be one of my two or three essential ushers, into the career I now enjoy — I think of him that way, rather than as a publicist, because his remarkable talent for finding sympathetic and productive connections for my work, out in the world of reviewers and media attention, was matched by an even rarer talent — that for helping me relax, understand the opportunities he was putting before me, and to be myself and enjoy myself during the process. I've benefitted from the advantage ever since."
Jonathan Lethem, MacArthur fellow and NEW YORK TIMES bestselling novelist

“Without question, David was one of the first people I turned to when it came to navigating the press world. Smart, insightful and more helpful than ten other people, he knows his stuff ‐‐ and is always someone I count on.”
Brad Meltzer, #1 NEW YORK TIMES bestselling novelist, host of BRAD MELTZER’S DECODED

“My graphic novel collaboration with author Jonathan Ames on THE ALCOHOLIC at DC/Vertigo comics would not have happened had David Hyde not been there to shepherd the project. Same is true with many other risky graphic novels, books, and events BEFORE comics were cool. David aggressively yet elegantly championed my collaboration with the late/great Harvey Pekar on THE QUITTER and that yielded just rewards, including a NY Times review before it became common place. David has a keen talent to know and appreciate what is cool and good and gets readers and buyers to know what is cool and good, too. Any company or independent contractor or freelancer that hires David Hyde to have their back and get their works into the public eye will get 110% + so much more.”
Dean Haspiel, Emmy Award‐winning artist

“David Hyde was my publicist at Vintage Books when my novel NOTABLE AMERICAN WOMEN came out, in 2002. To this day I have not worked with a more gifted, creative, explosively enthusiastic and driven publicist. When we worked together, Dave had endless ideas and energy, and an easy‐going but persuasive pitch that opened up tons of venues to me. He is remarkably friendly, super sharp and smart, and he was clearly admired far and wide by his colleagues. In the end I was impressed that Dave got my book into the hands of many, many more people than likely ever would have picked it up. And it always seemed that Dave worked out of a genuine love for his job. Kind of an amazing and rare thing. I'd certainly kill for the chance to work with him again. He's one of a kind.”
Ben Marcus, author of NOTABLE AMERICAN WOMEN 

"When I was a first time author I had no idea how to promote my book and felt terrified about doing it alone. Then I met my publicist, David Hyde, and in no time I realized I was going to be okay. Dave was energetic, intelligent, and just aggressive enough to actually get people to give a damn about my book. I honestly can't imagine what that experience would've been like if I didn't have David Hyde in my corner. He's got more heart and tenacity than a whole team of publicists. I'm proud, and lucky, to have worked with him."
Victor LaValle, author of SLAPBOXING WITH JESUS